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大四摸鱼党一枚,啥都不会的废物一个,Focused on Fuzzing, Vulnerability Research, Reversing & Binary analysis.

Following are list of vulnerabilities which i found and reported to vendors:

Year – 2021


  • CVE-2021-37972 : Out of bounds read in libjpeg-turbo

LibRaw Security Issues:

  • issues 411 : heap-buffer-overflow in raw2image.cpp
  • issues 412 : heap-buffer-overflow in fp_dng.cpp

北京数科网维技术有限责任公司 OFD 版式阅读器:

  • CNVD-2021-102082 : Integer Overflow to Buffer Overflow in pdfdom.dll
  • CNVD-2022-00039, CNVD-2022-00040, CNVD-2022-00041, CNVD-2022-00042, CNVD-2022-00043, CNVD-2022-00044, CNVD-2022-00045, CNVD-2022-00046, CNVD-2022-00047, CNVD-2022-00048 Uncontrolled Resource Consumption in suwellofdapp.exe
  • CNVD-2022-00049 : Arbitrary Address Access in swd20.dll

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